As everyone who is a baseball fan has been made aware of, Giancarlo Stanton has been traded to the New York Yankees for a bag of peanuts and a fidget spinner. In all seriousness, The Miami Marlins received Starlin Castro and two lower level prospects, one of which is Rafael Devers’ cousin. A Yankees lineup that had a 52-homerun bat in Aaron Judge just added an even bigger homerun threat. The lineup is potent all throughout and now it’s time for the Red Sox to get something done. Just how will the Sox respond to this monster move?

Go with the Obvious

The big sexy move that everyone would be expecting is the signing of JD Martinez. Martinez had an absolute monster season in 2017, hitting 45 homeruns, good for third most in the Majors behind the now Yankee teammates. He missed 43 games, so he could’ve been amongst the ranks of Stanton and Judge. Although he would shore up the power drought the Sox had last season (27th among the 30 teams), there are concerns about Martinez. He’s only played over 125 games once in his career and he’s on the wrong side of 30. Do you really want to commit $150-200 million on a man that is going to be playing into his mid to late 30’s and hasn’t proved to stay healthy?

Go with Plan B

Although JD Martinez would be the move most fans would like, the Sox could go with the alternative of signing someone to a lesser contract. Carlos Santana would fit the bill. He’s a man with power (23 or more homeruns in five seasons), he draws walks, and can bat from both sides of the plate. You can plug him in at any part of the lineup, as he’s batted leadoff while also batting cleanup during other times.

Go with an Unpopular Move

This may not be the name everyone is hoping to hear, but why not try our hand at signing Jose Bautista? At this point last offseason, Bautista was commanding a three to four-year contract worth upwards of $20 million a season. After a terrible 2017 season, Jose should be had for what Moreland signed for last offseason. The man had 23 homeruns last season in a down year and he would only require a one-year deal. He has a track record of being one of the best power hitters over the last 5-10 years and would provide plenty of pop. Not the sexiest signing, but could a move to Fenway resurrect Bautista? He could play pepper with the big outfield wall and possibly return to form with 35-plus homerun power and the occasional outfield appearance.

Go with a surprise to everyone

Giancarlo Stanton being traded to the Yankees came as a complete shock to the sports world because the rumors were spread about Stanton to everyone but New York. Could the Red Sox provide the same kind of shock and acquire a star? This is purely speculation, but why not find out what the asking price is for Oakland A’s outfielder Khris Davis? He has a combined 85 homeruns over the past 2 seasons. He would plug right in at the DH spot or over in left field and provide instant pop to a lineup in dire need of it. Among other moves could include going after Matt Kemp, Adam Duvall, Marcell Ozuna, and Nomar Mazara.


The Yankees came into the Winter Meetings with a bang, so everyone expects the Sox to retaliate. I’m not so sure that’s the smartest move to make. Next offseason should provide plenty of options as far as star power and the Sox should put all of their chips towards signing one of Bryce Harper or Manny Machado. Hanley Ramirez’s contract will be up (assuming his option isn’t vested) so the Sox will be off the books for that money. With enough money to re-sign any of the near future free agents (i.e. Sale, Kimbrel, Betts), the Sox can focus on signing one of the premier players in the game amongst the free agents available.

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I’m a writer for the Boston Red Sox as well as a Red Sox fan, but an overall sports fanatic who seems to know too many facts about the history of baseball and basketball. Very competitive and always down for a sports debate.
I’m a writer for the Boston Red Sox as well as a Red Sox fan, but an overall sports fanatic who seems to know too many facts about the history of baseball and basketball. Very competitive and always down for a sports debate.
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