Steelers Outpost Podcast: Steelers Emerging Players Shuffling the Deck?

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At this time of year, all things are possible for all 32 teams in the NFL. As we watch Steeler training camp, there are some players who are playing above the line and may play roles beyond special teams.

OlaAdeniyi has been dominant against the second team. He has come down to Earth a bit when he engaged with the first team, but there is something to his game…something to his effort… that seems to spell depth at edge rusher.

Out of nowhere comes Kameron Kelly, Dallas Cowboy and AAF castoff. Kelly started 40 games for San Diego State, over that span he started at three different positions — slot cornerback, free safety, and boundary cornerback, Interestingly during his time with the San Diego Fleet in the AAF, Kelly played wide receiver.  His window of opportunity presented itself wit Sean Davis taking the sideline with an injury

Mike Tomlin pits Devin Bush and Benny Snell in backs-on-backers with both players flashing some tantalizing possibilities.

Not to be outdone, a couple of silverbacks reared up in camp this week with Cam Heyward and Al Villanueva getting into a tussle.  Is this a sign of the motivation permeating the entire lineup?

Many of the key veterans are getting spelled this week as Tomlin seems to be planning to deliver an intact starting lineup for the first game of the season.

Apparently Ben is in love with football again, more evidence that this team is focused on playing up to its potential in 2019.

Will Rudolph or Dobbs emerge as the #2 QB and does Devlin Hodges have a chance to make this roster?

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