Every year during the NFL Draft prospects are taken on the third day and turn into quality players. They aren’t the most hyped prospects in the world, but their skill set combined with their landing spot and development leads them to exceed expectations. The 2019 NFL Draft has some positions with far more depth than others which will lead to talented players being pushed down the board. Getting a quality prospect in rounds four to seven is always a nice bargain and a lot of the time it’s where the heart of an NFL team is built. There will be plenty of bargain picks on Day 3 of the 2019 NFL Draft, but who are the members of this years All-Bargain Team?


QB- Jordan Ta’amu, Ole Miss

  • It’s always hard to find a bargain at QB in the NFL Draft. It’s just rare for any potential starting QB to fall to Day 3. Jordan Ta’amu is an interesting prospect and should be available in the fifth or sixth-round. The backup QB spot has never been more important and Ta’amu has the traits to be a long-term NFL backup. He’s got clean footwork and one of the smoothest deliveries in the class. With solid arm talent and nice mobility, he can make plays when the pocket breaks down. He won’t be an NFL starter, but Ta’amu can be a QB2 for a decade and play well when spot starting.
  • My Rank: 147th
  • Pro Comparison: Matt Flynn
  • Best Fit: Indianapolis Colts

RB- Elijah Holyfield, Georgia

  • Just three months ago Elijah Holyfield was considered a potential Day 2 pick and top five RB in the class. After testing historically poorly at the NFL Combine his stock has crumbled. He’ll likely be available in the sixth or seventh-round due to his athleticism questions. That makes him the perfect bargain. Holyfield doesn’t win with burst, but with violence, contact balance, and lateral quickness. A team looking for a tough inside runner with upside should pursue him late on Day 3. Holyfield has the tools to be a top two RB on most NFL teams and could be a major steal.
  • My Rank: 114th
  • Pro Comparison: Chris Carson
  • Best Fit: Minnesota Vikings

Flex- Darwin Thompson, Utah State

  • Running backs are the most expendable position in the NFL because they’re the easiest to find replacements for, especially on Day 3 of the NFL Draft. In today’s NFL every team needs a tandem in the backfield and usually one of those guys is a pass catcher. A team who wants a tough and explosive runner who can do damage in the passing game should look at Darwin Thompson. He’s short, but thick and that shows up in his contact balance. He’ll be able to run inside, break home runs, and be productive out of the backfield on passing downs.
  • My Rank: 117th
  • Pro Comparison: Dion Lewis
  • Best Fit: Jacksonville Jaguars

X-WR- Tyre Brady, Marshall

  • This WR class might not have a bunch of undisputed first-round talent, but it’s deep… like really deep. For teams wanting productive pass catchers they’ll be able to find a handful of them on Day 3. Tyre Brady isn’t an elite athlete, but he’s got strong hands and is one of the best 50/50 ball receivers in the class. With his size, above the rim playing style, and physicality he should be able to compete for a role in the NFL. On the right team Brady can be an outside threat downfield and could become dangerous in the red zone. He’s one of the more interesting developmental X-WRs on Day 3.
  • My Rank: 152nd
  • Pro Comparison: Mohamed Sanu
  • Best Fit: Carolina Panthers

Z-WR- Jakobi Meyers, NC State

  • With NC State producing so much NFL talent the last two seasons it feels like Jakobi Meyers is being slept on. With the depth of the WR class and all the different types of pass catchers, Meyers should be available on Day 3 of the draft. When NC State needed a clutch play they consistently turned to Meyers and he delivered. He can be an early impact player in the NFL with his combo of size, route running, ball adjustment ability, and strong hands. He won’t wow anybody with athleticism, but he knows how to get open and will be a QBs best friend. This is the type of inside-outside pass catcher every QB can trust.
  • My Rank: 102nd
  • Pro Comparison: Tyler Boyd
  • Best Fit: Minnesota Vikings

Slot- Diontae Johnson, Toledo

  • There are plenty of nice options on Day 3 of the NFL Draft for teams looking for a slot receiver. A lot of potential contributing slot options will go between the fourth and sixth-round, but who’s got the most upside? Probably Diontae Johnson. The Toledo pass catcher lacks size, but he’s a smooth route runner who can beat bigger corners in press with his clean release game. With a return man background, he’s also a playmaker after the catch and can make plays in the open field. With Johnson you get a guy who played every receiver spot in college and produced despite some poor QB play.
  • My Rank: 124th
  • Pro Comparison: Cole Beasley
  • Best Fit: Oakland Raiders

TE- Foster Moreau, LSU

  • It’s a wildly talented tight end class with six potential starters and 20+ contributors in it. Finding a bargain on Day 3 shouldn’t be hard with all the options, but Foster Moreau is definitely the guy teams will be fighting over. Moreau lacks college production, but is one of the best blockers in the class. LSU used him both in pass pro and the run game and he was ferocious. When used in the passing game he was consistent and clutch. The best part of Moreau is the athleticism. He’s one of the best athletes at the position in the class giving him a ton of upside.
  • My Rank: 186th
  • Pro Comparison: Vance McDonald
  • Best Fit: Green Bay Packers

LT- Dennis Daley, South Carolina

  • One of the number one things to look for in an offensive tackle on Day 3 of the NFL Draft is versatility. What makes a bargain pick even more of a bargain? A guy who can provide depth at almost every position. Dennis Daley is a guy better fit to kick inside in the NFL, but he has the ability to be a swing tackle for teams needing depth help. He’ll provide stable run blocking and brings a bit of a mean streak to the field. If he can clean up his footwork, bend, and anchor in pass pro then he could become a starter down the road.
  • My Rank: 140th
  • Pro Comparison: James Carpenter
  • Best Fit: Houston Texans

LG- Phil Haynes, Wake Forest

  • Mid-Day 3 can be a sweet spot for finding productive interior offensive linemen, especially at guard. A lot of the time physical and smart players slide through the cracks because they aren’t big-time athletes. Phil Haynes can be a plug-and-play player at left guard. He’s a mauler in the run game who finishes to the whistle. With his size and strength in a power run system he’ll find a home for a long time. He’s not the smoothest player in pass pro, but he’s surprisingly athletic and has the upside to develop that part of his game. Haynes is a classic lunch pail lineman.
  • My Rank: 176th
  • Pro Comparison: Laken Tomlinson
  • Best Fit: Seattle Seahawks

C- Lamont Gaillard, Georgia

  • It’s tough to find a quality starting center these days, especially outside of the first three rounds. A guy who’s being slept on is Lamont Gaillard. This is the guy you take if you need a center on Day 3 of the draft. He’s not the biggest or most athletic guy, but he’s a good football player. Gaillard did more vs Quinnen Williams than pretty much any offensive lineman in the country. His ability in the run game is impressive. Gaillard consistently makes reach blocks and works his way to the second level. He does have pass pro issues, but he can develop into a starter.
  • My Rank: 178th
  • Pro Comparison: Stefen Wisniewski
  • Best Fit: New York Giants

RG- Bunchy Stallings, Kentucky

  • One thing to look for in an interior offensive lineman late on Day 3 of the draft is, do they play with an edge? Are they a mean SOB? Well, Bunchy Stallings might be the meanest of mean SOBs in the class. This guy puts more people into the turf than pretty much any player in the draft. Stallings is a true finisher and a monster run blocker. He wasn’t even invited to the combine so he could be available in the seventh-round. What you get with Stallings is an attitude run blocker with size and strength. He’s not a great athlete or pass blocker, but he has the tools and mentality to improve.
  • My Rank: 185th
  • Pro Comparison: Ramon Foster
  • Best Fit: Miami Dolphins

RT- Chuma Edoga, USC

  • It’s hard to find starting offensive tackles on the third day of the draft, it is a premium position after all. The guy who teams may look at early in the fourth-round is Chuma Edoga. After an impressive Senior Bowl week his name was buzzing, but then he disappointed at the NFL Combine. He’s not the biggest tackle, but he’s got long arms and sweet feet. Those two things are important for pass blocking in the NFL and he showed them off at USC. With the tools to pass block at a high-level he’s worth developing. If he can get stronger and improve in the run game, he could be a starting right tackle
  • My Rank: 134th
  • Pro Comparison: Kelvin Beachum
  • Best Fit: Atlanta Falcons


EDGE- Jachai Polite, Florida

  • What’s a big name like Jachai Polite doing on the All-Bargain Team? Well, he was a likely first-round pick, but then a poor NFL Combine and Pro Day basically sank his stock to the point he could be available as late as the fourth-round. Even though he’s a first-round talent he’s too risky to touch there, but run to the podium if he’s available outside of the top 60. Polite is a monstrous pass rusher with an explosive first step, elite bend, and multiple pass rush moves. He’s a high motor player who plays with impressive leverage and hand fights every offensive lineman he can. In the right situation Polite can produce double digit sacks.
  • My Rank: 16th
  • Pro Comparison: Melvin Ingram
  • Best Fit: Washington

1-Tech- Daylon Mack, Texas A&M

  • In recent years the NFL has devalued nose tackles for the most part because of how pass heavy the league has become. With that in mind a talented player like Daylon Mack could fall into the top of the fourth-round due to lack of value at his position. Mack is an ideal nose who can dominate in the run game. His ability to clog up blocks with his strength and anchor down to hold the point is what defensive coordinators will love. He’s also surprisingly explosive off the snap and can add a little bit as a power rusher with his leverage. Mack could start for a decade at nose for the right team.
  • My Rank: 103rd
  • Pro Comparison: Brandon Williams
  • Best Fit: Los Angeles Rams

3-Tech- Trysten Hill, UCF

  • With all the talent and depth in this interior defensive line class there will be teams who can nab starters in the fourth-round. One of the most popular prospects as of late has been Trysten Hill. For mindboggling reasons Hill was a backup at UCF this past season despite being their best defender on tape. After an impressive combine performance his name started to buzz and now he’s a top 150 lock. Hill is an explosive gap penetrator best fit to play 3-Tech and disrupt plays in the backfield. He needs to get stronger, but his athleticism, leverage, and motor make him a nice option as a developmental starter.
  • My Rank: 122nd
  • Pro Comparison: Sharrif Floyd
  • Best Fit: Buffalo Bills

EDGE- Malik Reed, Nevada

  • The NFL often undervalues pass rushers who lack size due to their struggles in the run. Talented pure pass rushers fall every year in the draft because of this reason and it’ll happen again this year. Malik Reed is small, but he’s got some of the most natural bend as a rusher in this draft class. With his explosiveness, outside speed rush, and ability to bend and dip around offensive tackles he creates a ton of pressure. He’ll likely be around late in the draft with his size questions, but a team willing to gamble and develop him could get a high-end situational pass rusher.
  • My Rank: 109th
  • Pro Comparison: Elvis Dumervil
  • Best Fit: Baltimore Ravens

WLB- Terrill Hanks, New Mexico State

  • There aren’t a ton of linebackers in this class so betting on upside on Day 3 is the best option for teams looking for a future starting LB. Terrill Hanks is as raw as they come, but you can see the upside all over his tape. He played an overhang role at New Mexico State and often made plays in coverage. Hanks’ range and explosiveness allowed him to get involved all over the field and his aggressiveness showed. The issue with him is missed tackles. He needs to clean up his game and play more under control to become a starter in the NFL.
  • My Rank: 115th
  • Pro Comparison: Darron Lee
  • Best Fit: Denver Broncos

MLB- Ben Burr-Kirven, Washington

  • Talented undersized linebackers are often pushed into Day 3 because of questions about their ability to holdup in the league. Well, Ben Burr-Kirven led the country in tackles and then put together an impressive combine. At the minimum he should provide extraordinary special teams play in the league. At the maximum he could develop into a tackling machine that plays with reckless abandon and energizes a defense. BBK needs to get stronger and work to get off blocks more consistently, but he has the athleticism, aggressiveness, and motor to make an impact in the NFL. He’s a nice player to bet on in the fifth or sixth-round.
  • My Rank: 131st
  • Pro Comparison: Matt Milano
  • Best Fit: Cincinnati Bengals

SLB- Emeke Egbule, Houston

  • On Day 3 of the NFL Draft if you’re going to bet on a prospect and truly get a bargain then targeting versatility is key. Emeke Egbule played almost everything in the Houston front seven. He took snap as an edge rusher, off-ball linebacker, and overhang defender. That versatility paired with his athleticism and aggressive play make him an interesting option as a starting Sam LB down the road. Egbule can matchup with tight ends, put his hand in the dirt and rush the passer, or set the edge as a run defender. Having an athletic developmental player who can move around is a huge plus.
  • My Rank: 149th
  • Pro Comparison: Devon Kennard
  • Best Fit: Indianapolis Colts

CB- Michael Jackson, Miami

  • Even though it’s not a top heavy cornerback group this year, there’s a lot of solid talent in the middle. There will be potential starters pushed down the board because of the depth in this CB group. Michael Jackson has the length and press ability the NFL covets these days. He’s one of the most physical corners at the line and excels in zone with his instincts. A big plus with Jackson is his willingness against the run, he’s one of the best tackling CBs in the class. Taking Jackson also comes with the upside of his surprisingly impressive athleticism.
  • My Rank: 107th
  • Pro Comparison: James Bradberry
  • Best Fit: Buffalo Bills

FS- Will Harris, Boston College

  • At this point in the draft process the top six safeties are set, it’s just a debate over which order they fall into, but who’s the clear seventh safety? That’s Will Harris. Harris is a solid fourth-round option who can play either safety spot and should develop into a starter down the road. He’s got ideal size and is an above-average athlete. With his aggressiveness in the run game and range and ability in zone in the passing game he can be a two-way safety in the right system. He needs to clean up his footwork and improve his ball skills to become a better player in man, but the tools are there.
  • My Rank: 106th
  • Pro Comparison: Bradley McDougald
  • Best Fit: Dallas Cowboys

SS- Malik Gant, Marshall

  • When looking for a strong safety on Day 3 of the draft it’s important to find a guy who’s going to be more than willing to play special teams. The way Malik Gant plays defense should transition to high-end specials play. He’s one of the best tackling DBs in the draft and is as aggressive as they come. Gant isn’t the best athlete and can struggle in coverage, but the ability vs the run could earn him a role early as a dime linebacker. He’s got natural instincts and will be loved for the energy he adds on defense and special teams.
  • My Rank: 136th
  • Pro Comparison: Tre Boston
  • Best Fit: New Orleans Saints

NB- Jimmy Moreland, James Madison

  • It feels like nickel is finally being recognized as it’s true own position, it’s about time. Often starting nickels can be bargains because the general NFL overlooks these undersized DBs and they slide down the board. The guy who could fall and end up an impact nickel is Jimmy Moreland. Moreland might be undersized, but he’s feisty and stepped up vs better competition during East-West Shrine Game week and Senior Bowl week. His speed, ball skills, and willingness to hit are going to get him on an NFL roster and could earn him a starting spot down the road.
  • My Rank: 170th
  • Pro Comparison: Mike Hilton
  • Best Fit: Chicago Bears

CB- Mark Fields, Clemson

  • With all the talent coming out of Clemson this year, particularly on defense, Mark Fields has been a bit of the forgotten man. He struggled to get on the field for the Tigers due to injuries and all the talent on the roster, but Fields fits the category of better pro than college career. He’s an impressive athlete with crisp footwork and the ability to make plays in either man or zone. With his fluidity and range he can cover athletic receivers deep downfield and more snaps will help his development. Some NFL team will be willing to bet on his upside early in the fourth-round.
  • My Rank: 157th
  • Pro Comparison: Leodis McKelvin
  • Best Fit: Houston Texans

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I’m Canadian as can be, other than the fact that I don’t care about hockey. I love football. The NFL is my life. I consider myself a football guy and I’d rather watch tape than anything else. I’m the Armchair NFL Draft analyst here. You can read my Armchair Scout columns and call me out for my draft misses. I’m also part of two podcasts at Armchair. Our NFL Draft podcast, 7 Rounds in Heaven, and the main NFL pod, Resting the Starters. I cheer for the Steelers, Raptors, Blue Jays, Oregon, and I guess the Leafs.
I’m Canadian as can be, other than the fact that I don’t care about hockey. I love football. The NFL is my life. I consider myself a football guy and I’d rather watch tape than anything else. I’m the Armchair NFL Draft analyst here. You can read my Armchair Scout columns and call me out for my draft misses. I’m also part of two podcasts at Armchair. Our NFL Draft podcast, 7 Rounds in Heaven, and the main NFL pod, Resting the Starters. I cheer for the Steelers, Raptors, Blue Jays, Oregon, and I guess the Leafs.


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