It’s Senior Bowl week down in Mobile, Alabama at Ladd-Peebles Stadium. This is one of the most important weeks during the NFL Draft season. A time for top seniors to showcase their skill to NFL scouts. A week long of weigh-ins, practices, and interviews all capped off with a game on Saturday. This year the North will be coached by Jon Gruden and the Oakland Raiders, while the South will be coached by Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers.


Most to Prove: Daniel Jones, Duke

Sleeper: Tyree Jackson, Buffalo

Biggest Question: Will Grier, West Virginia

Most Ability: Drew Lock, Missouri

Keep an Eye on: Gardner Minshew, Washington State

  • Daniel Jones, Duke
  • Drew Lock, Missouri
  • Ryan Finley, NC State
  • Trace McSorley, Penn State

The two most important QBs in Mobile belong to the North team. Duke’s Daniel Jones and Missouri’s Drew Lock are the two QBs who will be trying to show scouts they are worthy of a first-round selection. Jones is less flashy, but one of the best pre-snap QBs in the class. He’s a smart decision maker, with consistent ball placement, clean overall mechanics, and nice athleticism. He’ll need to show off enough arm talent and poise this week to help his stock. Lock is a gunslinger with a massive arm and some impressive deep accuracy, but he struggles with progressions. He’ll need to show a ton of progress with lower body mechanics this week. Ryan Finley isn’t anything special. He doesn’t have enough arm to be anything more than an NFL backup. Trace McSorley will need to switch positions to make the league.

  • Will Grier, West Virginia
  • Tyree Jackson, Buffalo
  • Gardner Minshew, Washington State
  • Jarrett Stidham, Auburn

Unlike the North’s QBs, the South’s is full of unknowns. Will Grier will have some massive supporters, but he’s closer to a Day 3 pick than a Day 1 pick. Mobile will be huge for him and a strong week could have a team bite on him in the third-round. He’ll need to show he can adjust to a pro-style offense, clean up some mechanical issues, prove he can play from the pocket, and fix the consistency of his ball placement. Tyree Jackson has the biggest arm in this draft class, but he’s years away from being ready. If Jackson improves mechanics, poise, and accuracy this week it’ll do wonders for his draft stock. Gardner Minshew is what he is, a smart decision maker who lacks arm talent, but has some athleticism. He’s got a high football IQ and looks like a long-term NFL backup. Jarrett Stidham is an enigma. He has all the talent in the world, but has never put it all together. Stidham could be a fourth-round pick or he could go undrafted, he’s closer to the latter.

Running Backs

Most to Prove: Tony Pollard, Memphis

Sleeper: Wes Hills, Slippery Rock

Biggest Question: Dexter Williams, Notre Dame

Most Ability: Karan Higdon, Michigan

Keep an Eye on: Ryquell Armstead, Temple

  • Karan Higdon, Michigan
  • Dexter Williams, Notre Dame
  • Tony Pollard, Memphis
  • Alec Ingold, Wisconsin (FB)

It’s an underwhelming running back group at the Senior Bowl, but the North has more interesting talent. Karan Higdon is the best running back there. He’s a scrappy undersize runner who’s got impressive quickness and burst. He’s could be a late Day 2 pick. Dexter Williams is solidly built (5-11, 215 pounds) and a twitchy runner, but has some off-field questions to answer. With his size and homerun hitting ability, he could shoot up the board this week. Tony Pollard is a tweener who could be looked at as a RB or WR. With his kick returning ability and versatility there will be an NFL role for him. Alec Ingold is a strong run blocking fullback with the enough skill to contribute on offense when needed.

  • Ryquell Armstead, Temple
  • Bruce Anderson, North Dakota State
  • Wes Hills, Slippery Rock
  • Trevon Wesco, West Virginia (FB)

The South is full of small school running backs with talent. Ryquell Armstead is tough, has contact balance, and impressive quickness. He’ll be a solid contributor at running back in the NFL as a Day 3 pick. It’ll do him a lot of good to show pass catching ability and pass pro improvement this week. Bruce Anderson could do the most for himself in this group. He’s got nice size (5-10, 220 pounds) and contact balance. His ability to catch passes as a bigger back as well as pass block is what scouts will love. Wes Hills was a late add, but is intriguing. He’s 6-2, 218 pounds with burst. We’ll find out this week if he’s an NFL talent or not. Trevon Wesco played tight end at West Virginia, but his blocking and ability to play fullback will be what gives him a chance at the NFL.

Wide Receivers

Most to Prove: Andy Isabella, UMASS

Sleeper: Tyre Brady, Marshall

Biggest Question: David Sills, West Virginia

Most Ability: Deebo Samuel, South Carolina

Keep an Eye on: Jakobi Meyers, NC State

  • Andy Isabella, UMASS
  • Jakobi Meyers, NC State
  • Penny Hart, Georgia State
  • Jaylen Smith, Louisville
  • Terry McLaurin, Ohio State
  • Keelan Doss, UC Davis
  • Alex Wesley, Northern Colorado

In a deep WR class it’s not surprising this group is one of the best in Mobile. Andy Isabella is the guy to watch in the North. Do not pigeonhole him as an undersized slot because he’s one of the fastest players at the Senior Bowl. He’s only 5-10, 195 pounds, but he can burn deep and has some of the cleanest releases off the line. Isabella can go Day 2. Jakobi Meyers has a chance to do the most for himself. He’s a big slot (6-1, 205 pounds) and one of the best route runners this week with great hands. Penny Hart is an undersized burner with YAC ability and can play in the slot. Jaylen Smith has traits for days, but needs to show more nuance as a route runner and improved hands. Terry McLaurin is an athletic WR who will make the league on specials. Keelan Doss has decent size and great ball adjustment skills. Alex Wesley needs to show special teams ability.

  • Deebo Samuel, South Carolina
  • Hunter Renfrow, Clemson
  • Tyre Brady, Marshall
  • Anthony Johnson, Buffalo
  • David Sills, West Virginia
  • Gary Jennings, West Virginia
  • Travis Fulgham, Old Dominion

The biggest name at WR is South Carolina’s Deebo Samuel. A nice week in Mobile will lock him into a second-round selection. Samuel is a tough slot who’s built like a running back and plays like one too. He’s great after the catch and has impressive ball adjustment skills for a smaller guy. Hunter Renfrow is a classic slot WR. He lacks athleticism, but his start-stop ability makes him a nasty route runner. Renfrow can lock himself into Day 2 with a big week. Tyre Brady is a guy who can do the most for himself this week. He’s built well (6-3, 208 pounds) with some of the best ball adjustment ability in the class. Showing his 50/50 ball ability will be huge. Anthony Johnson is a solid player, but questions about his athleticism will need to be answered this week. David Sills needs to show improved hands, route running, and the ability to separate. Gary Jennings and Travis Fulgham need to show special teams ability.

Tight Ends

Most to Prove: Donald Parham, Stetson

Sleeper: Donald Parham, Stetson

Biggest Question: Josh Oliver, San Jose State

Most Ability: Dax Raymond, Utah State

Keep an Eye on: Donald Parham, Stetson

  • Donald Parham, Stetson
  • Drew Sample, Washington
  • Tommy Sweeney, Boston College

The tight end group in Mobile is fairly underwhelming with most of the top tight end prospects being underclassmen. If you’re going to get excited about somebody in the North, it’s Stetson’s Donald Parham. The kid is 6-8, 240 pounds and runs like a gazelle. Now he needs to show he can do it against legit NFL competition. Parham also needs to prove he can block. Drew Sample and Tommy Sweeney are similar tight ends. They’ll make the league on their ability to block. Both have some ability as pass catchers, but look like nothing more than TE2’s in the NFL.

  • Dax Raymond, Utah State
  • Josh Oliver, San Jose State
  • Foster Moreau, LSU

Get ready for Utah State’s Dax Raymond to make a leap this week. He’s got the NFL tools scouts are looking for in a tight end. First of all, he’s an aggressive and technically sound blocker. He shows great hand placement and leg drive while run blocking. As a pass catcher he’s got the athleticism to create separation and consistent hands. Route running is the key to his week. Josh Oliver is big (6-5, 250 pounds) and athletic. Teams could fall in love with him. He doesn’t add much as a run blocker, but his ball adjustment skills and ability to separate are the best in Mobile at tight end. Foster Moreau is a classic TE2 who will need to make the league on special teams and run blocking.

Offensive Tackles

Most to Prove: Max Scharping, Northern Illinois

Sleeper: Tytus Howard, Alabama State

Biggest Question: Kaleb McGary, Washington

Most Ability: Dalton Risner, Kansas State

Keep an Eye on: Andre Dillard, Washington State

  • Dalton Risner, Kansas State
  • Kaleb McGary, Washington
  • Max Scharping, Northern Illinois
  • Chuma Edoga, USC

Definitely one of the more fun offensive tackle classes at the Senior Bowl. The guy who everybody will have their eye on is Dalton Risner. He played everything on the offensive line at Kansas State, but people are torn on whether he’s a OT or a IOL. This week will be about proving he has the athleticism, footwork, and length to stick at OT. Kaleb McGary is a throwback right tackle. A massive man (6-8, 324 pounds) who mauls in the run game, but struggles in pass protection. Improvements with footwork, bend, and showing athleticism are big for him. Max Scharping could do the most for himself this week. He’s a clean pass protector with heavy hands and a nice anchor. Chuma Edoga is a bit of a project, but the athleticism will have teams interested.

  • Andre Dillard, Washington State
  • Tytus Howard, Alabama State
  • Dennis Daley, South Carolina
  • Oli Udoh, Elon

There’s been more and more hype around Andre Dillard as draft season has approached. This is the week he needs to prove it. The first-round hype is a little rich, but he could justify it with a massive week. His ability in pass pro is what scouts love. Dillard has great balance and solid athleticism, but he needs to show heavier hands and aggression. Proving he can consistently run block is key too. Tytus Howard is a freaky long and athletic right tackle who needs to prove he’s technically sound in Mobile. Dennis Daley has the versatility to kick inside or play right tackle, teams will like what he does in the run game. Oli Udoh is a Shrine Game call-up who is massive and mean. He’ll need a big week vs NFL talent.

Interior Offensive Linemen

Most to Prove: Michael Deiter, Wisconsin

Sleeper: Erik McCoy, Texas A&M

Biggest Question: Beau Benzschawel, Wisconsin

Most Ability: Garrett Bradbury, NC State/Chris Lindstrom, Boston College

Keep an Eye on: Dru Samia, Oklahoma

  • Garrett Bradbury, NC State
  • Michael Deiter, Wisconsin
  • Chris Lindstrom, Boston College
  • Beau Benzschawel, Wisconsin
  • Erik McCoy, Texas A&M
  • Nate Davis, Charlotte

The IOL group in Mobile is fantastic. The North has the best center in the draft in Garrett Bradbury. He’s the guy who teams will fall in love with, but his size will potentially come into question. If he owns one-on-one’s all week and shows off a strong anchor, we could see first-round talk. His short area quickness and football IQ are impressive. Michael Deiter played everywhere on the O-line at Wisconsin and is a massive mauler. He needs to show athleticism and footwork in pass pro. Chris Lindstrom is another early Day 2 guy who is a powerful run player. One-on-one pass pro will be the key to his week. Beau Benzschawel and Erik McCoy will need big weeks to get Day 2 talk, McCoy could really move up the board. Nate Davis is a mean run blocker.

  • Elgton Jenkins, Mississippi State
  • Dru Samia, Oklahoma
  • Ross Pierschbacher, Alabama
  • Ben Powers, Oklahoma
  • Javon Patterson, Ole Miss
  • BJ Autry, Jacksonville State

If you’re looking for a center, then the Senior Bowl is a big week for you. With Bradbury and McCoy in the North and Elgton Jenkins and Ross Pierschbacher in the South. Jenkins is a powerful center who wins in the run game with heavy hands and a finishing mentality. He needs to improve his footwork and pass pro technique this week. Pierschbacher is a solid pass protector who lacks some athleticism. He needs to show an ability to work to the second level in the run game. The Oklahoma boys are fun. Dru Samia is an ascending talent who has a big boy anchor and plays through the whistle. He’ll need to improve footwork and bend in pass pro. Ben Powers has length, heavy hands, and an anchor. Powers athleticism is key to his rise. Javon Patterson has the traits to be a long-term NFL backup. BJ Autry is massive and mean in the run game.

Defensive Tackles

Most to Prove: Renell Wren, Arizona State

Sleeper: Khalen Saunders, Western Illinois

Biggest Question: Daylon Mack, Texas A&M

Most Ability: Isaiah Buggs, Alabama

Keep an Eye on: Kingsley Keke, Texas A&M

  • Renell Wren, Arizona State
  • Khalen Saunders, Western Illinois
  • Greg Gaines, Washington

Get ready for the Renell Wren bull rush in one-on-one’s, it’s a thing of beauty. Wren has a chance to solidify himself as a Day 2 pick this week. He plays with great leverage and an awesome motor. If he shows more pass rush moves and some athleticism, teams will love him. Khalen Saunders could do a ton for himself this week. He did some crazy backflips on Twitter and that garnered attention for his impressive athleticism. Saunders is a stocky, but quick pass rusher who needs to prove he can play against NFL competition. Greg Gaines is a throwback nose tackle. He needs to prove he’s athletic enough to play in the NFL and show some pass rush ability.

  • Isaiah Buggs, Alabama
  • Daylon Mack, Texas A&M
  • Kingsley Keke, Texas A&M
  • Dontavius Russell, Auburn
  • Demarcus Christmas, Florida State

This week is massive for Isaiah Buggs. He showed some impressive ability at Alabama, but it wasn’t consistent. He plays with great power as a pass rusher thanks to his strength and leverage. Showing multiple rush moves as well as quickness and an improved motor will be the key to his week. Daylon Mack is a true bowling ball at nose tackle and answering athleticism and pass rush questions will define his week. Kingsley Keke has versatility to play all interior spots on the D-line and has some nice athleticism. Keke needs to win one-on-one pass rush drills to help his stock. Dontavius Russell and Demarcus Christmas are both solid run defenders, they need to show some more dynamic ability this week.

Defensive Ends

Most to Prove: Oshane Ximines, Old Dominion

Sleeper: Anthony Nelson, Iowa

Biggest Question: Jalen Jelks, Oregon  

Most Ability: Charles Omenihu, Texas

Keep an Eye on: Montez Sweat, Mississippi State

  • Charles Omenihu, Texas
  • Zach Allen, Boston College
  • Jalen Jelks, Oregon
  • Anthony Nelson, Iowa
  • Byron Cowart, Maryland
  • John Cominsky, Charleston
  • LJ Collier, TCU

Arguably the biggest overall riser this week will be Charles Omenihu from Texas. He’s a freak with his length and athleticism. Omenihu also has the versatility to play anywhere on the D-line. Using his explosion and motor to win is important, but the biggest thing for him is showing multiple pass rush moves and violent hands. Zach Allen is as powerful as they come, both as a pass rusher and run defender. His athleticism will dictate how high he goes. Both Jalen Jelks and Anthony Nelson could be Day 2 picks, but both need to show improvements as pass rushers. Byron Cowart has ability and size, but lacks production. John Cominsky could be a big riser, he dominated small school opponents. LJ Collier has to show athleticism and bend to gain some attention.

  • Montez Sweat, Mississippi State
  • Oshane Ximines, Old Dominion
  • Jaylon Ferguson, Louisiana Tech
  • Jonathan Ledbetter, Georgia
  • Carl Granderson, Wyoming

The most well known edge in Mobile is Mississippi State’s Montez Sweat. He’s got length, athleticism, and production. Winning pass rush one-on-one’s consistently can lock him into being a first-round pick. His hand use and motor are great, but seeing how he does vs power is big. Oshane Ximines is a small schooler who lacks size, but has athletic tools and violent hands. He needs a big week. Jaylon Ferguson has insane production, but needs to prove he has a tool box of pass rush moves. Jonathan Ledbetter is fine. He’s a solid run defender, but athleticism and pass rush ability are questions. Carl Granderson is a big and raw athlete who needs to show more technique.

Outside Linebackers

Most to Prove: Terrill Hanks, New Mexico State

Sleeper: Dre Greenlaw, Arkanas

Biggest Question: Sutton Smith, Northern Illinois

Most Ability: Ben Banogu, TCU

Keep an Eye on: Drue Tranquill, Notre Dame

  • Ben Banogu, TCU
  • Dre Greenlaw, Arkansas
  • Drue Tranquill, Notre Dame
  • Sutton Smith, Northern Illinois

Despite being a true edge rusher, Ben Banogu is being placed with the outside linebackers this week. It’ll be huge for him to show an ability to play in space. Banogu is an explosive edge rusher with solid hands, but he lacks a lot of bend. Dre Greenlaw is an undersized backer, but he’s athletic and can play in coverage. Aggressiveness and instincts are what he needs to improve on. Drue Tranquill is a former safety who plays harder than almost every LB in the draft. Showing the athleticism to cover and instincts to sniff out plays is big this week for him. Sutton Smith needs to make a clean transition from edge to off-ball LB this week and show an ability to cover.

  • Terrill Hanks, New Mexico State
  • Gerri Green, Mississippi State

Get ready for the Terrill Hanks hype, it’s coming. Hanks is a shredded and athletic small school linebacker who can shoot his stock through the roof this week. Hanks is explosive and has crazy range for a linebacker. He needs to improve instincts, tackling, and the ability to get off blocks this week. Gerri Green is a tweener who needs to show the athleticism to play in space and cover if he’s going to get drafted.

Inside Linebackers

Most to Prove: Bobby Okereke, Stanford

Sleeper: Deshaun Davis, Auburn

Biggest Question: Cameron Smith, USC

Most Ability: Germaine Pratt, NC State

Keep an Eye on: David Long Jr., West Virginia

  • Germaine Pratt, NC State
  • Te’Von Coney, Notre Dame
  • Cameron Smith, USC

One of the most intriguing guys at the Senior Bowl this week is NC State’s Germaine Pratt. With a big week, Pratt can be a first-round pick. He’s a former safety who excelled in a coverage role for the Wolfpack thanks to his explosiveness and range. Pratt is built for today’s NFL with his athleticism, but he needs to show better instincts this week to get into the first-round. Both Te’Von Coney and Cameron Smith are run defending linebackers who won’t go before Day 3 because of their lack of coverage ability. Showing improved movement skills is what it’s all about for them both this week.

  • Bobby Okereke, Stanford
  • David Long Jr., West Virginia
  • Deshaun Davis, Auburn
  • Otaro Alaka, Texas A&M

The South has two linebackers who win with athleticism and two who’s big knock is a lack of athleticism. Bobby Okereke has some big range and ability in coverage, but often gets lost on the field due to a lack of instincts. Showing he knows where to be and being more aggressive getting off blocks is important for him. David Long is quite small, but glides around the field. Long has to prove he’s physical enough for the NFL. Deshaun Davis would have been a first-round pick 20 years ago. He’s a monster vs the run and has solid instincts. If Davis proves he’s athletic enough to cover, it’ll shoot his stock up. Otaro Alaka is going to have to find his way onto an NFL roster with special teams.


Most to Prove: Rock Ya-Sin, Temple

Sleeper: Sheldrick Redwine, Miami

Biggest Question: Kris Boyd, Texas

Most Ability: Amani Oruwariye, Penn State

Keep an Eye on: Isaiah Johnson, Houston

  • Amani Oruwariye, Penn State
  • Kris Boyd, Texas
  • Iman Marshall, USC
  • Jordan Brown, South Dakota State
  • Corey Ballentine, Washburn

Get excited for the North’s cornerbacks. They have potential first-round pick Amani Oruwariye. He’s a long and twitchy corner who is a press-man master. As long as he shows up and wins his one-on-one’s he should lock himself into the first-round. A lot of eyes will be on Kris Boyd. Boyd is a physical press corner, but there are athleticism questions with him. If he proves his great footwork and technique can compensate for lack of athleticism, he could go second-round. Iman Marshall is a technically sound press-zone cornerback with athleticism questions. Jordan Brown is a smooth mover who could catch attention for his ability in off-zone. Corey Ballentine needs to show special teams ability.

  • Rock Ya-Sin, Temple
  • Sheldrick Redwine, Miami
  • Isaiah Johnson, Houston
  • Lonnie Johnson Jr., Kentucky
  • Jimmy Moreland, James Madison
  • Mark Fields, Clemson

In the South, Rock Ya-Sin is the big name. He can put himself into early Day 2 talk if he lives up to expectations. Ya-Sin is an explosive press-man cornerback who needs to prove he can play against NFL competition. How he deals with the smaller quicker pass catchers will be big. Sheldrick Redwine is a long physical corner who also has experience at safety. Seeing if he has the fluidity to stick at corner will be interesting. Both Isaiah Johnson and Lonnie Johnson are long press cornerbacks who will need to show physicality and athleticism to help their stock. Jimmy Moreland is a Shrine Game call-up. He’s undersized, but feisty and smooth as a nickel option. Mark Fields has to show special teams upside.


Most to Prove: Nasir Adderley, Delaware

Sleeper: Darnell Savage, Maryland

Biggest Question: Jaquan Johnson, Miami

Most Ability: Nasir Adderley, Delaware

Keep an Eye on: Juan Thornhill, Virginia

  • Nasir Adderley, Delaware
  • Darnell Savage, Maryland
  • Marquise Blair, Utah
  • Will Harris, Boston College
  • Khari Willis, Michigan State

Two of the most fun defensive prospects in Mobile belong to the North’s safety group. Nasir Adderley might end up the highest draft pick of any defender at the Senior Bowl. His versatility and athleticism can lock him into being the top safety selected. With crazy range and physicality, get ready for a show. Darnell Savage is a human bullet and seeing him comedown against the run is a ton of fun. He’ll need to show the footwork and fluidity teams like these days in a safety. Marquise Blair is a long smooth and physical safety will special teams upside. Will Harris and Khari Willis will have to make the league on specials.

  • Juan Thornhill, Virginia
  • Johnathan Abram, Mississippi State
  • Jaquan Johnson, Miami
  • Mike Edwards, Kentucky
  • Darius West, Kentucky

The South also has a big safety prospect in Virginia’s Juan Thornhill. Thornhill should be a second-round pick with a big week. He’s long and fluid with the versatility to man-up vs wide receivers. The key for him will be showing physicality in coverage vs tight ends. Unfortunately, Johnathan Abram is a late scratch for the week with a shoulder issue flagged during physicals. It would have been nice to see improvements in his coverage technique this week. Jaquan Johnson is a solid player. Can play free or strong safety and has some NFL starter traits. Seeing how he does in man coverage and showing improvements in fluidity and footwork will define his week. Mike Edwards is a physical safety who can play nickel, but needs to show he has the athleticism to cover in the NFL. Darius West has the physicality and athleticism to make the NFL on specials.

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I’m Canadian as can be, other than the fact that I don’t care about hockey. I love football. The NFL is my life. I consider myself a football guy and I’d rather watch tape than anything else. I’m the Armchair NFL Draft analyst here. You can read my Armchair Scout columns and call me out for my draft misses. I’m also part of two podcasts at Armchair. Our NFL Draft podcast, 7 Rounds in Heaven, and the main NFL pod, Resting the Starters. I cheer for the Steelers, Raptors, Blue Jays, Oregon, and I guess the Leafs.
I’m Canadian as can be, other than the fact that I don’t care about hockey. I love football. The NFL is my life. I consider myself a football guy and I’d rather watch tape than anything else. I’m the Armchair NFL Draft analyst here. You can read my Armchair Scout columns and call me out for my draft misses. I’m also part of two podcasts at Armchair. Our NFL Draft podcast, 7 Rounds in Heaven, and the main NFL pod, Resting the Starters. I cheer for the Steelers, Raptors, Blue Jays, Oregon, and I guess the Leafs.


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