The first three rounds of the 2019 NFL Draft are in the books and we are onto the final day in Nashville. After a wild Day 2 that saw a whole heap of surprise picks and reaches, there’s still plenty of talent left on the board for Day 3. Entering the final day of the 2019 NFL Draft who are the most talented players still available for rounds four to seven?

Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, DB, Florida

  • It was surprising enough that Chauncey Gardner-Johnson slid out of the first-round, but now he’s available on Day 3. CGJ is a complete steal in the fourth-round with his versatility, athleticism, aggressiveness, and ball skills. A team looking for a nickel, free safety, or strong safety should fight to take him early. It’s been reported his fall is due to the interview process and not on-field talent.
  • My Rank: 29th
  • Pro Comparison: Malcolm Jenkins
  • Best Fit: Seattle Seahawks

Charles Omenihu, DL, Texas

  • With all the defensive line talent, especially on the interior, someone with big ability was bound to fall and that guy is Charles Omenihu. Omenihu’s versatility might be working against him with no true position. A team looking for a long, explosive, powerful, and versatile defensive lineman should make a move for him. Let him play inside on passing downs and outside on run downs.
  • My Rank: 30th
  • Pro Comparison: DeForest Buckner
  • Best Fit: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Kelvin Harmon, WR, North Carolina State

  • We saw the wide receivers slide on Day 1 due to the immense depth, but a handful of them have now fallen to Day 3. The most perplexing slide is that of Kelvin Harmon’s. Harmon has size, strong hands, and is one of the best 50/50 ball receivers in the class. A team in need of a big outside weapon and red zone threat should take him early.
  • My Rank: 35th
  • Pro Comparison: Michael Crabtree
  • Best Fit: Arizona Cardinals

DaMarkus Lodge, WR, Ole Miss

  • The fall of the Ole Miss receivers isn’t over. Both DK Metcalf and AJ Brown fell out of the top 50 and DaMarkus Lodge is still falling. Lodge is nuanced with his release at the LOS and one of the best route runners in the class. He’s perfect as a Z with his routes, big play ability, and third down impact. With the depth he could continue to slide.
  • My Rank: 44th
  • Pro Comparison: Davante Adams
  • Best Fit: New England Patriots

Blake Cashman, LB, Minnesota

  • It’s hard to understand the fall of Blake Cashman. There aren’t many good linebackers in this class and much lesser names have been selected before him. Cashman was the media’s consensus LB3 and now he’s around in the fourth. A team who needs a physical, athletic, and instinctual backer should get him. He could be the steal of Day 3.
  • My Rank: 45th
  • Pro Comparison: Sean Lee
  • Best Fit: Oakland Raiders

Antoine Wesley, WR, Texas Tech

  • With the combination of depth at WR and Antoine Wesley never quite receiving the praise his tape deserves, his fall isn’t surprising. Wesley will likely go in the fourth to a team looking for the rare combo of size, route running, and big play ability. The circus catch king needs development, but has the tools to be a starter early.
  • My Rank: 46th
  • Pro Comparison: Allen Robinson
  • Best Fit: Carolina Panthers

Christian Miller, EDGE, Alabama

  • A few Alabama defenders have fallen into Day 3, but Christian Miller’s slide is the most explainable. With a dense injury history teams are likely afraid to bite the bullet. Now, in the fourth a team who wants massive athletic upside on the EDGE should pursue him. Miller has impressive bend and violent hands. He can contribute right away.
  • My Rank: 49th
  • Pro Comparison: TJ Watt
  • Best Fit: Miami Dolphins

Riley Ridley, WR, Georgia

  • If Riley Ridley tested better at the NFL Combine or had more production at Georgia, he probably would have been a second-round pick. Now, he can be a fourth-round steal. Ridley, like his brother, is an impressive route runner with a nasty release game. He’s got the size to play outside and nuance to play slot. Ridley will be ready to play as a rookie.
  • My Rank: 50th
  • Pro Comparison: Robert Woods
  • Best Fit: Minnesota Vikings

Amani Oruwariye, CB, Penn State

  • With a handful of cornerbacks already being overdrafted it’s crazy that Amani Oruwariye is still available on Day 3. With his length and explosiveness, you’d think the NFL would be enamored with him. He’ll go early in round four, the size, athleticism, and press ability are too good to pass up. Oruwariye should be coveted by press teams.
  • My Rank: 53rd
  • Pro Comparison: Chris McAlister
  • Best Fit: New York Jets

Deionte Thompson, S, Alabama

  • Once upon a time there was top 10 hype for Deionte Thompson, but after a tough College Football Playoff and a pre-draft injury, he’s available in the fourth. His range and ball skills are some of the best in the class. Thompson excels in zone coverage and is an ideal fit for any team looking for a single-high safety.
  • My Rank: 54th
  • Pro Comparison: Reggie Nelson
  • Best Fit: Washington

Rodney Anderson, RB, Oklahoma

  • Nobody is surprised that Rodney Anderson is still available. His injury history is scary and it wasn’t worth the risk to take him on the first two days. Now, it’ll be interesting to see how far he falls. His combo of size, burst, elusiveness, and ability as a pass catcher are perfect for a zone scheme that likes to spread it out.
  • My Rank: 56th
  • Pro Comparison: David Johnson
  • Best Fit: Houston Texans

Hakeem Butler, WR, Iowa State

  • Depending on who you ask, this slide is either shocking or expected. Hakeem Butler is polarizing with his size and knack for big plays, but lack of route running and concentration drops. If a team believes they can develop him, he should go early Day 3. The upside of a guy his size with the field stretching and YAC ability is mouth-watering.
  • My Rank: 58th
  • Pro Comparison: Plaxico Burress
  • Best Fit: Indianapolis Colts

Mack Wilson, LB, Alabama

  • Another Alabama defender suffering a slide in the draft is Mack Wilson. Wilson is the best coverage linebacker in the class, but his lack of physicality and inability to get off blocks vs the run is scaring teams off. For a team looking for a smooth and athletic coverage backer, he’ll be a nice fit. Situation is everything for Wilson.
  • My Rank: 62nd
  • Pro Comparison: Jordan Hicks
  • Best Fit: Philadelphia Eagles

Renell Wren, IDL, Arizona State

  • It seems as if Renell Wren is another casualty of the depth in this defensive line class. With his length, power, and explosiveness, it’s hard to believe Wren is still available. For a team looking for a 5-Tech with the ability to play both 3-Tech and nose, Wren should be exactly what they want. He’s raw, but has the talent to be better than guys taken before him.
  • My Rank: 70th
  • Pro Comparison: Akiem Hicks
  • Best Fit: Indianapolis Colts

Stanley Morgan Jr., WR, Nebraska

  • There’s still lots and lots of wide receivers with impact ability left, including the best route runner in the draft. Stanley Morgan Jr. is a rare route runner who can make an impact as a rookie. Route runners always translate quicker than explosive athletes. A team who needs a trustworthy Z/slot should grab this guy in the first couple picks.
  • My Rank: 71st
  • Pro Comparison: Emmanuel Sanders
  • Best Fit: Green Bay Packers

Julian Love, CB, Notre Dame

  • The NFL always seems to let cornerbacks who have size/athleticism questions slide even though they’re perfect options at nickel. Julian Love is going to compete for a starting nickel job as a rookie. He’s a natural in zone with his instincts, has fluid hips, and some of the best ball skills. Love is the safest DB available.
  • My Rank: 72nd
  • Pro Comparison: Brent Grimes
  • Best Fit: Cincinnati Bengals

Gerald Willis III, IDL, Miami

  • With questions about his commitment to the game, Gerald Willis could see a drastic slide during Day 3. For a team willing to bet on the kid they’ll be getting an explosive gap shooter with one of the best arm-over moves in the class. He can get bullied in the run game, but when he wins he makes splash plays.
  • My Rank: 75th
  • Pro Comparison: Sheldon Rankins
  • Best Fit: Atlanta Falcons

Drue Tranquill, LB, Notre Dame

  • One of the safest Day 3 LB options is Drue Tranquill. The former safety plays with the motor and aggressive style NFL teams will love. He’s an impressive athlete and can cover better than most the linebackers left. Tranquill can be an impact special teams player and compete to play Will. His slide should end before round five.
  • My Rank:76th
  • Pro Comparison: Alex Anzalone
  • Best Fit: New England Patriots

David Edwards, OT, Wisconsin

  • There are few offensive tackles left that have a chance to compete for playing time early in their career, David Edwards is atop that list. Edwards has the size, footwork, and movement skills to develop into a starter. He’s mean in the run game and does a great job working to the second level. Edwards will go early round four.
  • My Rank: 77th
  • Pro Comparison: Riley Reiff
  • Best Fit: New York Giants

Emanuel Hall, WR, Missouri

  • With the way the NFL covets speed at the receiver position it is mindboggling that Emanuel Hall is still available. It wouldn’t be surprising if he’s the first receiver taken Day 3. Hall’s ability as a deep threat, his ball adjustment skills, and his route running will make him an ideal Z for most NFL teams.
  • My Rank: 79th
  • Pro Comparison: Mike Wallace
  • Best Fit: Dallas Cowboys

Amani Hooker, DB, Iowa

  • All of the top nickel prospects are falling, just when it looked like the NFL was starting to value the position. Amani Hooker is going to be a Day 3 steal and compete for time at nickel right away. He’s got great instincts and is a physical tackler. Hooker has the athleticism to holdup in coverage too.
  • My Rank: 80th
  • Pro Comparison: Desmond King
  • Best Fit: Philadelphia Eagles

Maxx Crosby, EDGE, Eastern Michigan

  • After an impressive combine in felt like Maxx Crosby was shooting up draft boards, but he’s still around on Day 3. For a team in need of a developmental starter they should look at Crosby. He’s got the length, explosiveness, motor, and hand usage to develop into an impressive pass rusher.
  • My Rank: 81st
  • Pro Comparison: Aaron Schobel
  • Best Fit: Pittsburgh Steelers

Daylon Mack, IDL, Texas A&M

  • It’s fair that Daylon Mack slid, there just isn’t a massive need for nose tackles in today’s NFL. In the fourth-round though? Yeah, Mack is nice there. He can start at nose right away and provide space eating run D, elite leverage play, and a little more explosion than you’d expect from a big man. Mack on Day 3 is far better value than Dexter Lawrence 17th.
  • My Rank: 84th
  • Pro Comparison: Brandon Williams
  • Best Fit: New England Patriots

Tim Harris, CB, Virginia

  • It could be a long while before Tim Harris hears his name called. He’s a deep sleeper and has a thick injury history. A team betting on him staying healthy will get a long corner who excels in press-man and has some of the best ball skills in the class. Harris is worth banging the table for.
  • My Rank: 85th
  • Pro Comparison: Ike Taylor
  • Best Fit: Los Angeles Chargers

Anthony Ratliff-Williams, WR, UNC

  • As a receiver who has been underrated through the entire process, Anthony Ratliff-Williams could fall late into Day 3. His toughness, route running, YAC ability, and 50/50 ball skills will make him a steal. For a team who wants a competitor at WR and a starting return man, ARW is the guy.
  • My Rank: 88th
  • Pro Comparison: Jeremy Maclin
  • Best Fit: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

KeeSean Johnson, WR, Fresno State

  • Sometimes the NFL overvalues athleticism and size and undervalues the ability to get open with route running. KeeSean Johnson does a great job getting open with route running even if he doesn’t test athletically well. Johnson is just so smooth and can play in the slot or as a Z. Just another impressive WR who will go mid-Day 3.
  • My Rank: 90th
  • Pro Comparison: Stevie Johnson
  • Best Fit: Detroit Lions

Devine Ozigbo, RB, Nebraska

  • Running backs grow on trees, so don’t draft them early. The guy to go after on Day 3 who can start in this league is Devine Ozigbo. He’s this years posterboy for not drafting the position early. With his size, contact balance, power, and burst, he’ll be making big plays in no time. On the right team Ozigbo can be a bell cow.
  • My Rank: 92nd
  • Pro Comparison: Deuce McAllister
  • Best Fit: Miami Dolphins

Alex Bars, OG, Notre Dame

  • If not for a torn ACL as a senior, Alex Bars might have gone early-Day 2. Bars is a big, physical, and mean run mauler. He finishes defensive linemen into the dirt frequently and once he gets his hands on you, it’s game over. As long as Bars is healthy he can compete for a starting left guard job as a rookie.
  • My Rank: 94th
  • Pro Comparison: Joe Thuney
  • Best Fit: Washington

Dru Samia, OG, Oklahoma

  • We’ve seen both Oklahoma offensive tackles go, but neither guard. Dru Samia still being on the board is a bit surprising. Samia is a well-rounded player who uses his length and hands well in pass protection with a solid anchor. He’s also an active run blocker and finishes through the whistle. Shouldn’t be long until he’s picked.
  • My Rank: 97th
  • Pro Comparison: Kevin Zeitler
  • Best Fit: Baltimore Ravens

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Vice President of Media | The Armchair All-Americans, LLC
I’m Canadian as can be, other than the fact that I don’t care about hockey. I love football. The NFL is my life. I consider myself a football guy and I’d rather watch tape than anything else. I’m the Armchair NFL Draft analyst here. You can read my Armchair Scout columns and call me out for my draft misses. I’m also part of two podcasts at Armchair. Our NFL Draft podcast, 7 Rounds in Heaven, and the main NFL pod, Resting the Starters. I cheer for the Steelers, Raptors, Blue Jays, Oregon, and I guess the Leafs.
Vice President of Media | The Armchair All-Americans, LLC
I’m Canadian as can be, other than the fact that I don’t care about hockey. I love football. The NFL is my life. I consider myself a football guy and I’d rather watch tape than anything else. I’m the Armchair NFL Draft analyst here. You can read my Armchair Scout columns and call me out for my draft misses. I’m also part of two podcasts at Armchair. Our NFL Draft podcast, 7 Rounds in Heaven, and the main NFL pod, Resting the Starters. I cheer for the Steelers, Raptors, Blue Jays, Oregon, and I guess the Leafs.


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