Despite what Twitter will tell you, the first 28 games for the Philadelphia 76ers have been much more positive than negative.

Yes, there have been some inexcusable losses that defy logic. (Blowing a 19-point fourth quarter lead to the Denver Nuggets and the disastrous ending against the Toronto Raptors last month come to mind as bad moments.)

But when you look at their entire resume entering play on Dec. 18, it isn’t one to be mad about.

How the 76ers compare to the conference:

Right now, it’s probably fair to say the “elite” teams in the East are the Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors, Indiana Pacers, Miami Heat and the Sixers.

The Brooklyn Nets and Orlando Magic are currently playoff teams but are yet to make any statement that they belong in this conversation.

So how have the Sixers faired against the best?

2-0 against the Celtics

Already the Sixers have had much more success this season against the Celtics than in previous years.

Arguably their best win of the season came at the TD Garden on Dec. 12, when they pulled away from the Celtics late to win 115-109. It was also Joel Embiid’s best game of the season with his 38-point performance.

Combined with their double-digit victory on opening night against the Celtics, it’s fair to say the Sixers have turned that matchup into a rivalry once again.

Series tied at one with The Raptors

The Raptors continue to give the Sixers major headaches. Like I mentioned earlier, one of the worst looses of the year came on Nov. 25 in Toronto.

It wasn’t a bad loss because they were overmatched but because it was a game they should have won. The Sixers scored only two points in the final 5:16 of the game and lost 101-96.

For the first time in his career, Joel Embiid was held without a point in a game. He missed all 11 of his shots and turned the ball over four times.

Thankfully, the Sixers played much better in the second meeting between the teams just about two weeks later. The 110-104 victory was helped due to the team shooting 43.8 percent from deep.

2-0 against the rest

While the Sixers have yet to face the Bucks, they have found success against the Heat and Pacers.

Their 113-86 win over the Heat on Nov. 22 was headlined by dominate performances from Embiid and Josh Richardson.

Embiid scored 23 points in 26 minutes while Richardson had his best game as a Sixer with 32 points including going six of seven from deep.

In their lone matchup with the Pacers, once again Embiid lead the way. His 32-point performance lead the Sixers to the 119-116 win on Nov. 29 at home.

Some quick numbers

Against the Celtics, Raptors, Pacers and Heat combined the Sixers are 5-1.

Four of the six games have been at home where the Sixers remain undefeated with 14 wins.

There are still plenty of games left remaining with the “elite” teams in the Eastern Conference but you can’t diminish what they’ve done in those games so far.

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