Do you ever sit around wondering and ponder the greatness achieved during the glory years of the football era? As we are a few days away from the 2017 NFL Draft, lets take a dip in the realms of the football world and do an All-Time NFL Draft: Any Player, All Players from any era all mixed into a draft. Using the current order of the 2017 NFL Draft and current team needs of each individual team, lets get started!

PK Team Player POS College
1 CLE Tom Brady QB Michigan
2 SF Joe Montana QB Notre Dame
3 CHI Deion Sanders CB Florida State
4 JAX Bruce Smith DE Virginia Tech
5 TEN Jerry Rice WR Mississippi Valley State
6 NYJ Peyton Manning QB Tennessee
7 LAC Reggie White DE Tennessee
8 CAR Emmitt Smith RB Florida
9 CIN Lawrence Taylor OLB North Carolina
10 BUF Rod Woodson CB/S Purdue
11 NO Ronnie Lott CB/S Southern California
12 CLE Mel Blount CB Southern
13 AZ Ed Reed FS Miami (FL)
14 PHI Kevin Greene OLB Auburn
15 IND Bruce Matthews OL Southern California
16 BAL Marvin Harrison WR Syracuse
17 WAS Charles Woodson CB/S Michigan
18 TEN Ray Lewis ILB Miami (FL)
19 TB Barry Sanders HB Oklahoma State
20 DEN Chris Doleman DE Pittsburgh
21 DET Julius Peppers DE/OLB North Carolina
22 MIA Champ Bailey CB Georgia
23 NYG Mike Singletary MLB Baylor
24 OAK John Randle DT Texas A&M-Kingsville
25 HOU Dan Marino QB Pittsburgh
26 SEA Jonathan Ogden T UCLA
27 KC Michael Strahan DE Texas Southern
28 DAL Dick ‘Night Train’ Lane CB Scottsbluff Junior College
29 GB Dick LeBeau CB Ohio State
30 PIT Derrick Thomas DE/OLB Alabama
31 ATL Jason Taylor DE Akron
32 NO Terrell Owens WR Chattanooga
33 CLE DeMarcus Ware OLB/DE Troy
34 SF Richard Dent DE Tennessee State
35 JAX Tony Gonzalez TE California
36 CHI Antonio Gates TE Kent State
37 LAR Jared Allen DE Idaho State
38 LAC Cris Carter WR Ohio State
39 NYJ Dave Brown CB Michigan
40 CAR Walter Jones T Florida State
41 CIN Dick Butkus MLB Illinois
42 NO Jack Lambert MLB Kent State
43 PHI Walter Payton RB Jackson State
44 BUF Randy Moss WR Marshall
45 AZ Ray Nitschke MLB Illinois
46 IND Orlando Pace T Ohio State
47 BAL Emmitt Thomas CB Bishop
48 MIN Jim Brown HB/FB Syracuse
49 WAS LaDainian Tomlinson RB Texas Christian
50 TB Paul Krause S Iowa
51 DEN Bill George MLB Wake Forest
52 CLE Chuck Bednarik MLB Pennsylvania
53 DET Larry Fitzgerald WR Pittsburgh
54 MIA John Hannah G Alabama
55 NYG Anthony Munoz T Southern California
56 OAK Brian Urlacher MLB New Mexico
57 HOU Willie Roaf T Louisiana Tech
58 SEA Mike Haynes CB Arizona State
59 KC Willie Brown CB Grambling State
60 DAL Emlen Tunnell S Iowa
61 GB Ken Riley CB Florida A&M
62 PIT Patrick Willis ILB Mississippi
63 ATL Gene Upshaw G Texas A&M-Kingsville
64 CAR Jackie Slater T Jackson State


If this article gets enough views and comments, I’ll finish up the other 5 rounds and post the rest. Lets get draft-nerdy!



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