The Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers Wednesday night in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, 118-113. The game was an instant classic as it was close most of the way with both teams making one outstanding play after another.

The game began with the Warriors getting off to a hot start as they broke the NBA Finals record for the most threes in a quarter at nine. Klay Thompson was the main reason for the Warriors success from beyond the arc as he made four of his six threes in the first quarter. After one it was 39-32 advantage Warriors.

In the second quarter, the Cavs and Warriors basically played each other to a standstill. The Warriors went into halftime with a 67-61 lead.

The third quarter, which has been the danger zone for Warriors’ opponents all year long, actually went well for the Cavs. The Cavs found a way to flip the script on the Warriors and give them a taste of their own third quarter magic. Cleveland did this by simply giving Kyrie Irving the ball and letting him do what he wanted with it. Kyrie put on a dazzling display of fancy finishes and off-balance floaters in the third quarter. This combined with LeBron’s usual otherworldly production allowed the Cavaliers to outscore the Warriors by 11 in the third and head into the fourth quarter with a five-point lead.

The fourth quarter was a cliffhanger the whole way as the Cavs and Warriors seemed to exchange flurries of baskets. This exchange ended, however, when the Warriors went on an 11-0 run, including the final 7 by Kevin Durant, to end the game securing them the victory.

The Warriors take a commanding 3-0 lead into Game 4 on Friday in Cleveland. It feels like a Cavs funeral but this Cleveland team likely won’t go down without a fight.


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