The Brooklyn Nets have yet to come to an agreement to sign Spencer Dinwiddie to a contract extension. The extension could be up to four years and worth $47.5 million. If either side does not agree to a deal, Dinwiddie would go into free agency as an unrestricted free agent.

With the predicament the team is in, would it be best to sign him and continue with the rebuild? Or, wait and see what happens in the summer? Whatever the Nets do there are definite pros as well as cons to their decision.

Keeping him

If the team decides to keep Dinwiddie and agree to an extension, this would keep their roster stable. His development in Brooklyn has been nothing but impressive as he has steadily improved nearly every season during his tenure in Brooklyn.

Dinwiddie would be a good piece to keep as he is a quality player. With Caris LeVert out with an injury, the team needs all the help they can get.

Getting rid of him

One potential con that could be the logjam at the guard position. The Nets could possibly be still going with D’Angelo Russell being the franchise player. Also LeVert, so far this season before his ankle injury, was looking like a candidate to win the most improved player award.

The Nets would also have a problem with their flexibility if they do decide to keep Dinwiddie. If he signs the extension, this would reduce the amount. On the other hand, if they don’t re-sign him, they would lose a valuable player for nothing in return.

Whatever they do at the end of the day this could either benefit or hurt the Nets in the long run.

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