Whats The Next Step For the Jacksonville Jaguars?

After one of the most embarrassing losses in the Gus Bradley era, What do the Jaguars need to do to turn things around? The Jaguars look to rebuild.


After one of the most embarrassing losses for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the Gus Bradley era. Down 27 at halftime to a below average Titans team Gus should have been booted in the locker room at half time.

Firing a coach mid season rarely ever works to fix the teams issues, but the lack of discipline and effort displayed on prime time T.V. is shameful for the organization and the city as a whole. After Shad Khan and Gus Bradly stating that the will be no firings; what is the next step for the Jaguars?

Gus Bradley and the coaching staff need to take control of their players. When two of your talented players get personal fouls in the first quarter of play things need to change. Gus needs to turn away from his go-happy attitude and strike the fear of God into his players like he used to in Seattle. 

Why cant Gus bring this type of “Do your Job” attitude to Jacksonville? After four years of a positive attitude that hasn’t worked in the slightest something needs to change. If something doesn’t change quickly in Gus’s coaching style and player performance he will not have a future in the Jaguars organization.

Blake Bortles needs to stay composed, the gunslinger needs to strap on his holster and keep cool. Even though the o-line and the running game are basically nonexistent, Blake needs to make the easy throws and keep his throwing motion in check under pressure. This attitude also needs to change for star receiver Allen Robinson. His play and effort and been lacking to say the least. Most plays Robinson doesn’t even go for the ball. On other plays he quits on routes as well as forgetting plays.

A lot of things need to change for the Jaguars for them to make any kind of turnaround in 2016.

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Auburn University Freshman, Die hard Jaguars Fan
Auburn University Freshman, Die hard Jaguars Fan


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