During their last few days, the Cleveland Cavaliers achieved immense success. On Sunday, they defeated the Los Angeles Lakers, 101-95, at the Staples Center. Despite LeBron James’ inactive status for the Lakers, the victory helped halt the Cavaliers 12-game skid.

In addition, the league office absolved the Cavs of any wrongdoing in the Patrick McCaw sign-and-cut controversy that transpired. If found guilty, Cleveland would likely have lost their first-round pick. Luckily for the Cavaliers organization, no evidence supported the Golden State Warriors claim of tampering.

While the Cavaliers only achieved two victories (one actual victory, one legal dispute), an incessant narrative continues to play out around the league. Will the Cavaliers keep or part ways with Kevin Love?

His Cleveland Life

Throughout his tenure with Cleveland, Love battled trade rumors when he became the third option behind LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. Even after their 2016 championship, social media critics pointed out Love didn’t contribute during their title run. They also noted that the Cavs would be better served without him.

Love entered the 2018-2019 season with a lucrative contract extension, making him a part of the organization’s long-term plans. Entering the season, it didn’t appear the Cavaliers had any reasonable plan put together, since players were benched or traded shortly after and their coaching staff changed after only six games. Despite constant trade rumors, however, it doesn’t appear the Cavaliers want to trade Love. That is unless another team offers a trade Cleveland can’t refuse.

“The Cavs are getting calls about Kevin Love. For the right price, I think the Cavs would be willing to listen,” Chris Fedor reported. “But, I’ve been told by a number of people inside the organization, that for the Cavs to move on from Kevin, they’d have to be blown away [with offer].”

It’s more than redundant to discuss Love and trade rumors, based on his affirmation he wants to remain in Cleveland. Until he retires or actually leaves Cleveland, the rumors will likely persist.

When asked about trade rumors, Love told The Athletic; “We’ll see. If not, we will wait until summer. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve said all along I’ve wanted to be here. I’ve said this too, it’s a business. We saw that last year at the deadline. I had never seen so many guys traded from a team really ever.”

Staying Around?

At this point, it doesn’t appear trading Love interests the Cavaliers, but anything can change. In addition, Love might not return to action this season. The Cavaliers could and should consider just shutting the all-star forward down for the rest of the season, in order to focus on health and offseason workouts. Despite that particular suggestion, however, Love remains adamant on returning to action in the near future.

“That’s never really been the thought process, at least for me. I know going out there and I want to play,” Love told reporters last week. “I want to be out there with those guys. I feel like I would be letting my teammates down and letting LD [Larry Drew] and the coaching staff down if I didn’t get out there and play and get out there and play as soon as I could so long as I’m healthy.”

The Cavaliers have nothing left to play for. Returning Love to action wouldn’t make sense in any way. It’s in Cleveland’s best interest to avoid playing Love until next season, if he’s still a Cavalier of course. Teams including the Dallas Mavericks and Charlotte Hornets, among others, expressed some interest in trading for Love, but it’s unclear what the Cavs would value in return.

Right now, I don’t expect the Cavaliers to move Love in the near future, and if I had to bet, he’ll be the starting power forward for the organization on opening night next season. While teams will express interest, Cleveland won’t trade him.

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