No matter what sport, these games played in another country in front of usually neutral crowds offer a very different test for players. There is also the media circus to contend with, both in terms of UK media wanting to speak to players about the basics of the game and the US media wanting to know how easy or difficult the experience has been for them. All of this can easily take away from the game itself, and over the past few years we have seen a few slow and dull NFL games because of this but that certainly wasn’t the case for the MLB.

Not only did the New York Yankees record two wins in two games against the Red Sox, but they also recorded record-breaking score lines in those games. They won the first 17-13 in what was one of the wildest MLB games anyone will have seen in a very long time, while the second game was close to being as wild, with the Yankees winning that one 12-8.

Those two wins have now secured the Yankees the best record in the American League at the halfway stage. This gives them a great platform to build on moving forward, and they continue to head the betting market for the American League. Paddy Power have them priced up at 17/10 to claim the American League title, and it is either going to take a meltdown from them or a real surge from one of their rivals to overtake them from the position they are in.

There is also the big prize, of course, the World Series, that the Yankees will certainly be eyeing up. They are not the favorites for that however, they are in behind the Los Angeles Dodgers in the betting for this, with the Dodgers leading the way at 11/4. They are strongly fancied for the National League and seem to be heading towards yet another tilt at the crown after losing out for the past two seasons.

However, despite what the Dodgers are doing in the National League, it was the Yankees that caught the eye with their performances in the UK. They are ahead in the American League at the halfway point and are looking in a strong position. Things look simple for them moving forward, simply keep going as they are, picking up wins on a regular basis and if that happens the American League title and a shot at the World Series should be waiting for them.

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